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This account has access to your personal information. For your safety, please review the following items before you proceed:

  • Take a minute to create a strong password that you have not used before on other websites or accounts
  • Do not use your FLC email address or Network Account name/password as login credentials for social media or external web sites such as LinkedIN, Gmail, Facebook, Yahoo, eBay, etc
  • Do not share your network account password with anyone, including your spouse or other family members
  • Fort Lewis College IT personnel will never ask for your password. Contact the Help Desk if you encounter a suspicious phone call, website, or email that is asking for your password
  • Be wary of emails that ask you to change your Office365 or FLC Network Account passwords, or ask you to “verify”, “update”, or “validate” your account. These are almost always phishing attempts to steal your password

Your password must contain 3 of the 4 character types below and be at least 8 characters long (10 or more is better) . Do not include your first or last name as part of your password.

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