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Resident Assistant Job Overview

A Resident Assistant (RA) is a returning student who lives on the floor or in the complex to serve as the primary resource for information and assistance to residents. The objectives of the RA are to exhibit a concern for others and relate in a positive manner to the students. The RA is responsible for assisting with programming, advising, social events, intramural and other activities as designated by the supervisor. The RA must accept responsibility for translating the College and Housing guidelines to the student. The RA must be available for, and capable of, assisting and advising students in their college experiences. The RA position is a 20 hour per week position and reports directly to the Residence Director (RD). RAs are hired for the entire Student Housing Department, not for specific communities.

We are excited that you are interested in the Resident Assistant position. Please take a minute to review some information on the position using the links below.

Resident Assistant Hiring Process

Mid-Year RA Hiring Process

Occasionally there are openings for the RA position in the middle of the academic year. In these instances we hire people for just the remainder of the academic year, or Spring term. Applicants who wish to be considered for this process need to complete and submit their application by the date the Mid-Year RA Selection process application closes. Applicants for spring positions must meet the requirements for the position by the start of spring semester.

Students who are hired for Spring term and decide they want to return to the position for the upcoming academic year are asked to go through the Returner RA Selection process along with other current RA staff. Information for this process will come from their supervisor.

Those who interview but are not offered positions for Spring term must sign up and complete the interview process for the Upcoming Academic Year Selection process to be considered for the RA position for that time frame.

Upcoming Academic Year RA Hiring Process

This process is for applicants who would like to apply to be an RA for the upcoming school year. The process consists of a traditional interview where candidates meet with housing staff and provide answers to questions. The process also consists of a group interview where candidates work within groups on various team builders. Applicants who wish to be considered for a position for this process need to fully complete and submit their application by the deadline on the Upcoming Academic Year RA selection process.

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Application Timeline

Mid Year Hiring Process (Spring 2021)

  • October 20: Application Opens
  • November 10: Applications Due
  • November 13: References Due
  • November 20/ 21: Zoom Interviews
  • December 3: Offer Letters Sent
  • December 9: Position Acceptance Paperwork Due

Upcoming Academic Year Hiring Process (Academic Year 2021-2022)

  • October 20: Application Opens
  • February 11, 1pm to 2pm via Zoom: Student Housing Student Staff Informational Session
  • February 28: Application Closes at 11:59pm
  • March 3 or 4: Group Interviews (applicant will be emailed to sign up for time)
  • March 5: Individual Interviews (applicant will be emailed to sign up for time)
  • March 19: Offer Letters Sent
  • March 26: Position Acceptance Paperwork Due
  • April 13: Mandatory RA/AHC Oreintation for 21-22
  • Appril 16: Human Resources Employment Paperwork Due

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Position Requirements

Position qualifications must be met by the candidate prior to the start of the position.

Minimum Position Requirements

  • Have and maintain a term and cumulative grade point average of 2.5.
  • Be in good academic and conduct standing with Fort Lewis College and Student Housing.
  • Be in sophomore standing
  • Must be enrolled in 9 to 16 credits at Fort Lewis College during employment.
  • Have lived on a college campus at least two semesters.
  • Successfully complete and pass a criminal background check.
  • Possess flexibility, reliability, integrity, strong communication skills, self-motivation and be accepting of differences.

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Basic Position Expectations

  • RAs are expected to work and be available or the duration of their contract which starts in Mid August and ends at noon the Sunday following commencement.
  • RAs agree the position takes priority over all other interests and commitments, outside of academics.
  • RAs wanting additional employment must get approval from their supervisor and the Associate Director for Student Housing Office. The AD will evaluate outside employment that is a conflict of interest with the RA position, time commitments, credit load, grade point average and any other factors. RAs, with prior approval from the AD for SHCS, may work up to 6 hours a week. 
  • Due to the requirements of RAs, significant time commitments outside of academics (i.e. block semesters, athletics, employment, RSO involvement, course loads above 16 credits, etc.) are discouraged and must be reviewed by the Associate Director for Student Housing Office for approval.
  • RAs MUST complete, attend and actively engage in ALL RA trainings. These include Online Trainings, RA Orientation in April after hired, Fall Training in August prior to classes, Staff Foundations throughout the year, and Winter Training in January prior to classes.

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Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Assist in the opening and closing of the building or complex at the beginning of the Fall term, during academic breaks and at the end of the Spring term. This requires staying after halls close to prepare the hall for break.
  2.  Maintain availability within the hall community and staff through being present in the hall within and outside of the duty rotation.
  3. Assist in preparation of rosters, damage inventories, facilities checks, and other duties as assigned.
  4. Maintain open communication between your supervisors, staff and residents.
  5. Develop, maintain, and facilitate relationships between students and staff.
  6. Developing a community environment based on respect, in which residents feel safe, comfortable, and included.
  7. Serve in a duty rotation of you hall(s) according to the staff on-duty schedule and remain on call as required. This includes All-On and All-Play weekends.
  8. Perform administrative tasks, including Check In and Check Outs’, program assignments, posting informational flyers, attending weekly staff meetings and one-on-ones, and other necessary paperwork.
  9. Be available and willing to assist with special assignments, activities, or events, including but not limited to, all campus events, hall events and department wide programming.
  10. Serve residents through working designated shifts at the hall office, addressing emergencies, being a resource, walking community rounds, assisting with facility complaints/fix-it needs, and performing lock-out assistance.
  11. Actively listen, understand, be flexible and open-minded in promptly responding to student needs and concerns.
  12. Understand, explain/ educate others, consistently enforce and adhere to Student Housing and College policies and procedures. Refer individuals to necessary resources and maintain confidentiality.
  13. Facilitate the development of positive, respectful, responsible, hall communities through enforcement of community living agreements, programming, etc.
  14.  Assist with hall facilities through a knowledge of fire safety procedures and equipment, reporting all safety hazards, performing monthly facilities checks as directed by the RD, etc.
  15. Be good a role model and ethical decision-maker, on and off campus. RAs’ behavior should be professional and reflect positively on the College and Student Housing.
  16. Develop and promote a positive working relationship with all Housing student and professional staff, custodial and food service employees.
  17. Abide by the expectations for the position issued by the department and supervisor.
  18. Serve as a Campus Security Authority (CSA), as defined by the Clery Act of 1998.
  19. As a Responsible Employee of Fort Lewis College, report all relevant details about alleged sexual misconduct involving FLC students, faculty, or, staff, about which they or know or have reason to know.

Other related duties as assigned

Each RD and staff may discover particular needs within their community or the entire Student Housing Department, which are not addressed in this job description. Staff may be asked to perform these duties which may include: attendance and assistance at campus-wide events, representing Housing by serving on campus committees, representing Fort Lewis College at regional or national conferences, aiding in campus wide emergency situations or health related issues, etc.

Work Conditions

The work environment characteristics described here are representative of those that an employee can expect while performing the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions. 

  • Noise, climbing stairs, sitting for extended periods of time and working during warm and cool temperatures. 


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  • RAs receive a room on campus and a full meal plan. To know the approximate value please see room and board rates on the Housing website. In some cases, the RA may share a suite or apartment with residents. Under rare circumstances, the RA may need to be assigned a roommate in a double room. RAs must have a current Student Housing Application (which is for the entire academic year) and deposit on file.
  • RAs will receive a scholarship twice a semester, following the academic calendar (¼ will be awarded at Fall midterm, ¼ at Fall graduation, ¼ at Spring midterm and ¼ at Spring graduation). RAs must be employed for the full quarter to receive the scholarship for that quarter. First Year RAs would receive $448 for the year.

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Length of Employment

RAs are hired for the entire academic year. Regardless of date of hire, RAs are released from their position no earlier than Sunday after Spring commencement. RAs who want to return to the position the following year must complete the Returning RA selection process. Returning to the RA position is not automatic and should not be assumed. 

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Apply to be a Resident Assistant

The online application for Mid-Year RA selection and Upcoming Academic Year Selection is the same. Please use the application timeline above to ensure you application is submitted in time to be considered for a position.  To apply click the Apply for RA Position button for instructions.

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