The Fort Lewis Free Classifieds

Classifieds is free service of the Fort Lewis College that allows students, faculty and staff to view and/or publish personal items, announcements and services.

Viewing Ads

There are two ways to access the Fort Lewis College Ads, by Category or by Latest Ads button. When Classifieds is first accessed, all categories are displayed and the ads may be accessed by clicking on the desired category link. The number in parenthesis next to the category label is the number of ads within that category. When this number is 0, there are no current ads for this category. Ads that you have entered may also be accessed by clicking on the My Ads button. The ads are displayed in the order they were entered.

Publishing New Ads

Ads may be entered after logging into the application and clicking on the My Ads menu item. A Create Ad button will be displayed along with a list of your existing ads. Click on the Create Ad button and an ad entry form will be displayed. Submit all form entry items (along with accepting the Classifieds Use Policy) and click the Continue button. Up to four Images may now be uploaded by selecting the browse button or by using the drag and drop feature. The Ad is then completed by submitting the Finish button.